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AB Apartment Barcelona / Long Term Rental Terms and Conditions

How do you reserve an apartment?

1. Choose the apartment you’d like to rent, make a note of the reference number of the apartment and the dates you’d like to stay.
2. Contact AB Apartment Barcelona and we will inform you of the rental terms and conditions, and confirm the availability of the apartment.
3. Send the necessary documentation
3.1  Students:
  • University registration document or pay slip
  • Parental letter of guarantee with the signature and passport photocopies of both parents (or guarantors in the case that parents are unavailable)
  • Contact details for both parents (or guarantors)
  • Photocopy of your passport/DNI/NIE
  • Contact address other than the apartment you’re about to rent
3.2   If you are currently employed:
  • Copy of your employment contract
  • Copies of your last three pay slips
  • Income tax declaration statement
  • Recommendation letter from your company (where applicable)
  • Contact address other than the apartment you’re about to rent
  • Photocopy of your passport/DNI/NIE
  • Current Spanish bank account details
3.3   Other (the total of the stay must be paid in advance)
  • Photocopy of your passport/DNI/NIE
4. AB Apartment Barcelona will inform if you have been successful in your request for a rental within 48h.
5. Make the rental payment
5.1   Conditions:
  • You must pay for the first month’s rent + a deposit equivalent to two month’s rent + the agency commission
  • Agency commission:
    • 1-6 months – the commission is included in the total rental price shown on the website
    • 6-11 months – the commission is equivalent to one month’s rent + VAT
    • 11 months to 3 years – the commission is equivalent to 10% of the annual rent + VAT
    • IMPORTANT: The agency commission will not be refunded if the reservation is cancelled.
5.2   Linens and towels are not included in the rental price, but you may purchase a set for an additional fee of 75€.
5.3   Final cleaning procedure:
The apartment must be fully cleaned once the rental period is complete. The charge for this must be paid by the tenant. The price is determined by the size of the apartment in m2.
5.4   Utilities:
Charges for utilities are not included in the rental price. You will be charged an estimated monthly rate according to the size of the apartment: 1 bedroom – 90€; 2 bedrooms – 150€, 3 bedrooms – 200€, 4 or more bedrooms: 250€
You will be reimbursed or charged an additional amount according to the meter readings at the end of the stay.
5.5   Maintenance:
We provide a maintenance service for the apartment and we will resolve any problems which may occur during your stay. If the problem is a result of a misuse of the apartment or anything inside it, you will be charged for any repair or replacement costs incurred.
5.6   How to make the reservation payment:
Payment must be made by bank transfer, unless another form of payment has been agreed upon.
IMPORTANT: The transfer must be made only after confirmation that the reservation has been accepted.
Address: Rbla. Pare Alegre, 48-54. 08224 Terrassa
Account holder: COME2BCN, S.L.
IBAN: ES96 2100 0719 1502 0014 3586
Title of transfer: Name of tenant and apartment reference number
IMPORTANT: Once the transfer has been made, we require the receipt to be sent to the representative in charge of the reservation, indicating clearly the name of the tenant and the apartment reference number.
6. Return of the deposit
The deposit will be returned within 31 days of departure, once any necessary charges for utilities, damages and the cleaning fee have been deducted.
7. Collecting the keys
Our long-term rental office at C/ Almirall Cervera 6, bajos, is open from Monday to Saturday from 10h – 14h and from 16h – 20h. You will be required to collect the keys here, unless another location has been agreed upon.
Tel: +34934813577 Email: malakay@apartmentbarcelona.com

Renewing a monthly rental contract

Once the rental period is over, if you wish to extend your stay in the apartment for 7 months or more, the agency fee will be equivalent to 5% of the yearly rental amount plus VAT. If you wish to extend your stay for 6 months, you will be subject to a fee equivalent to half of the monthly rental plus VAT. Any extensions of less than 6 months will be subject to a 250 Euro administration fee, plus VAT.