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All you need to know about your reservation with AB Apartment Barcelona.
Our Terms & Conditions cover everything from booking amendments to guest reviews.

The company has been established to provide tourist and long-term apartments for all our clients, as well as offering tourist information and services. At AB Apartment Barcelona we make sure that we offer the best prices for our clients and there are no hidden extras/costs or booking fees involved. These are AB Apartment Barcelona’s general Terms & Conditions, which cover payment, booking and other information regarding the company’s services.

The reservation will only be completed once AB Apartment Barcelona has received your prepayment and you have received your confirmation email. In case of cancellation, depending on the duration of the stay and the reserved apartment, the booking amount will be refunded. Restrictions are applied. Please, read our Cancellation policy for more information. For more information on reserving an apartment, please see our How to Book page.

Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to reserve an apartment without the consent of a parent or guardian. If we receive information that a minor under 18 years of age has made a reservation with us in these circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel it.

Please note: if you have a promotional code, it must be applied during the booking process. It is not possible to apply the discount once the booking has been made.
We guarantee to offer you the lowest price on GI referenced apartments only. If you book directly on our website you can save up to 25% compared to other websites. If you find your reservation on another website at a lower rate after already making your booking with AB, contact our Customer Service Team immediately. We will reimburse you the difference between our price and the competitor's price provided that the other deal is bookable online and is still available when we check, and that the reservation is exactly the same as the one you made on our website (same apartment, same dates, same number of people, etc.).
As stated above, once the prepayment is received, AB Apartment Barcelona will send you a confirmation of the reservation via email, which will indicate the amount to be paid upon arrival. The confirmation email will also contain the name, address, telephone number and the email address of the apartment owner/representative (if applicable), as well as instructions on where you should go to check-in. If you do not receive this confirmation email within 24 hours of making your reservation, please notify AB Apartment Barcelona.
You will be required to provide the owner/representative with your estimated arrival time within 3 days of your arrival. If you are arriving after 20:00h, you must contact the owner/representative on the day of arrival to confirm your arrival time at the apartment. As mentioned above, details of where you will be required to go for check-in will be provided in the confirmation email, as well as the full contact details of the owner/representative. There is no refund in case of delay or early departure. The keys to the accommodation will be handed over by the owner/representative once the remaining balance has been paid, including the damage deposit and any other additional costs. All costs will appear previously in the reservation confirmation.

For some reservations, it will not be necessary to collect the keys to your apartment, as many of our GI referenced apartments work through electronic keys; this means that you will be able to go directly to the apartment, without having contact with anyone.

Check-in time is from 15:00h and check-out time is at 11:00h. Please note that arrivals after 20:00h will be subject to an extra fee of €30 and arrivals after midnight (00:00h) will be charged an additional €45, unless another amount is stipulated on the apartment page. There is no late check-in fee for apartments with GI reference numbers. If you require a late check-out and we have agreed to accommodate you, you will be required to pay the full cost of one night's rental. Please note: Any unauthorised late check-outs will be penalised.
You can leave your luggage in more than 80 secure points in Barcelona before check-in or after check-out from €5 each day.
Details of the amount to be paid upon arrival will be stipulated in the confirmation email. We do not accept cheques.
Online payment security: AB Apartment Barcelona is committed to protecting users' data to the maximum and does not have access to or can not see at any time the credit card number that you enter into the form, this information is encrypted and will only be visible to the bank.
Sometimes a deposit must be paid according to the conditions of each apartment. This deposit will be returned by the owner/representative after assuring that the accommodation is in the same condition as when the client entered. For all rentals of 32 days/31 nights and under, the damage deposit will be returned between 4 and 7 days after departure. For all rentals of more than 32 days/31 nights, the deposit will be refunded within 31 days following departure, provided that the apartment is in a good state and without any damage. In the case it is not, the refund period for the deposit will be subject to conditions of a review of the apartment and the deduction of costs needed for supplies and damage.

Please note: WHEN THE RESERVATION IS UNDER 7 DAYS deposits for some apartments may be paid by pre-authorization on a credit or debit card. The amount is blocked on the card for 7 days, after which time it will be automatically unblocked, provided the apartment has been left in an acceptable condition. Please see your confirmation email to find out if you are required to pay by pre-authorization.

Please note that for stays of 32 days/31 nights and under all charges for utilities are included in the rental fee, provided that the fee does not exceed the limits of normal and proper use. If a misuse of the utilities is detected leading to a charge which is above average, the client must pay the utility bill.
Utility charges for monthly rentals are not included in the total cost of the rental. If your stay in the apartment is more than 32 nights, you must pay the amount of utility bills established according to the number of rooms the apartment has. AB Apartment Barcelona does not accept any PayPal charges nor any other transfer charges for monthly payments or deposit refunds.

In the case of cancellation within 48 hours after the original reservation is made, a complete refund of the paid amount is possible (valid for our apartments with a GI reference and providing that there are more than 30 days before arrival). In the case that 48 hours have passed since the time of the original reservation, neither the first month of rent, nor the agency fee (if applicable) can be refunded. Either way, you are able to change the dates of the reservation according to the apartment availability and with a minimum of 30 days before arrival. Cancellations must be made in writing.

Linens and towels are included in the rental price for stays from more than 31 nights to 11 months.

For more information, see our monthly rental conditions.
Once the rental period is over, if you wish to extend your stay in the apartment, you will be required to pay €250 (+21% VAT).
The number of guests occupying the apartment must coincide with the number of guests on the reservation confirmation. No changes should be made to the number of guests without previously notifying the owner/representative. Once a reservation has been confirmed, any increase in the number of guests in your reservation could result in a price increase. If you wish to decrease the number of guests in your reservation, the total price will remain the same. Animals will not be accepted in the apartment unless stipulated otherwise on the apartment’s description page on our website.
Our apartments are located in residential areas and buildings, therefore parties are strictly prohibited in all apartments. We kindly ask guests to respect the neighbours and refrain from playing loud music or creating loud noise in general after 22:00h. Should a guest fail to comply with this condition, resulting in a complaint from the neighbours and/or the police being notified, AB Apartment Barcelona reserves the right to immediately remove all guests from the apartment and retain the damage deposit.

As stipulated in the contract which you must sign upon checking-in to the apartment, you are responsible for the behaviour of yourself and for the behaviour of the rest of the party residing in the apartment. Should any of the guests behave in an unsuitable, criminal, offensive or violent manner, AB Apartment Barcelona reserves the right to immediately remove all guests from the apartment and retain the damage deposit.

If you and your accompanying guests are removed from the apartment by AB Apartment Barcelona or the owner of the apartment, you will have no right to any claims of compensation and you will consequently lose all payments made on the apartment rental, including the damage deposit.
A. In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances (including, but not limited to: unscheduled building works, water leaks, etc.) resulting in AB Apartment Barcelona being unable to provide you with the apartment that you booked, you will be notified and offered an alternative apartment of similar characteristics. In the case that you should not agree with the new apartment proposed, you have the right to cancel the booking and receive a total refund. AB Apartment Barcelona will not be liable for further claims made by the client in this situation.

B. If you wish to increase the number of nights or guests in the apartment, subject to availability, you will be charged the same rate per person per night as stipulated in the original booking. However, please note that should you wish to decrease the number of guests or nights you will be staying in the apartment there will be no change to the total rental price once the reservation has been confirmed.
Guests are responsible for the condition of the accommodation during their stay and are responsible for any type of breakage, deterioration or loss that occurs in the apartment, including damage to or loss of furniture, appliances, keys, etc. If an item is damaged or lost, the owner/representative may demand payment for the item which will be deducted from the damage deposit. If the damage deposit does not cover the cost of reparations to or replacement of the item, then you will be required to pay the difference. In the event that a deposit has not been paid, the tenant must cover the payment for any damages caused. You must immediately inform the owner/representative of any damage, breakage or loss that takes place during your stay.

NOTE: AB Apartment Barcelona (COME2BCN, S.L.) will not be responsible for direct or indirect damages that may cause the use of the inadequate infrastructure, including but not limited to: destruction, loss after fire, theft, crime, accidents or other damages.
Guests must return the apartment to the same state of cleanliness as found upon arrival, except for dirtiness caused by normal and acceptable use of the accommodation. AB Apartment Barcelona can provide additional cleaning services at an extra cost, should you require them.
The property owners provide us with all property descriptions. We make every effort to keep the information as accurate as possible through continued contact with the owner and periodical visits to the apartments. We do not take responsibility for discrepancies that may occur in the descriptions, but will act on behalf of our clients to inform the owner of the apartment and resolve any issues that may arise as a result. Please note: Baby cots and high chairs may be provided in some apartments (subject to availability) for free. If you require this service, we kindly ask you to request it when making your reservation.
If you should find a problem in the apartment upon entry or during your stay, including issues with cleanliness and broken or missing items, it is your responsibility to contact the owner/representative immediately, who will endeavour to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The issue should be resolved within a reasonable period of time, however, if a solution cannot be provided, you may be moved to an alternative apartment of similar characteristics, subject to availability. Compensation will not be awarded outside the period of stay if the owner/representative has not been notified of the issue during the stay.
The feedback we receive from our customers is very important to us. Therefore, we may send you an email promptly after your stay, inviting you to complete our client review/online survey form.

By completing our client review/online survey, you accept that we may publish the information you provide on our website for the sole purpose of informing future customers of your opinion of the quality of the apartment and of the quality of service you received from AB Apartment Barcelona. We reserve the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, distribute, publish, create derivative works from, publicly display, refuse or remove reviews at our discretion. The information you provide may be also be shared with our affiliated, co-branded and/or linked website partners.

Please note: this service may contain translations powered by Google. Google disclaims all warranties related to the translations, express or implied, including any warranties of accuracy, reliability, and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.
Barcelona’s tourist tax is €2,48 per person and night, for a maximum of 7 nights. It is not included in the price. Anyone under the age of 17 is exempt.

How to pay: The tax must be paid to the owner/representative of the property upon arrival. The tax will then be transferred to the Generalitat de Catalunya.
COME2BCN, S.L. as a business is responsible for the care of the user's personal data and informs that this data will be protected in accordance to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (GDPR), hence the following information is provided:
The aim: to maintain a commercial relationship and send communications about our products and services.

Data conservation criteria: data will be kept while there is a mutual interest to obtain the final aim. When it is no longer necessary for this purpose, it will be deleted with the adequate security measures to guarantee the pseudonymisation of the data or the total deletion of the same data.

Communication of the data: The data will not be communicated to third parties, except under legal obligation.

User Rights:
- The right to withdraw consent at any time.
- The right of access, rectification, portability and deletion of your data and the limitation or opposition to its processing.
- The right to file a claim with the Control Authority (agpd.es) if it considers that the data management does not comply with current regulations.

Contact information to exercise your rights:
Email: info@apartmentbarcelona.com
Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation, you will have to take into account these rules and recommendations during your stay:

- Always keep a safe distance of 2 metres between people.
- It is compulsory to use a mask in Barcelona. You will have to wear one in public and enclosed spaces, so long as you cannot ensure the minimum safe distance.
- Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, with a flexed elbow or single use tissue.
- Wash your hands frequently with water and hand soap for at least 20 seconds. If its not possible to do so, then use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.
- Avoid the use of the lift. Otherwise, only one person and their luggage will be allowed to go one-way. Avoid touching doorknobs, intercoms or railings.
- The use of communal areas such as pools and terraces will be restricted.
- Avoid having contact with people that are ill.
- If you start having symptoms like a fever, cough or breathing problems, stay in the apartment and call 061.

For more information, see the Information regarding COVID-19 of AB Apartment Barcelona in full.
Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we have intensified cleaning in all our apartments, as well as the hygiene measures of our staff.

These are our hygiene measures followed in your apartment:

- After every departure, we completely clean and disinfect each apartment with LACTIC disinfectant products, as recommended by the Ministry of Health against COVID-19.
- Our cleaning and maintenance personnel wear a mask, gloves and individual protection equipment whilst working.
- Our maintenance or cleaning will not enter your apartment in any case while you are inside, if not necessary.
- We collect all “unclean” bedding and other textiles, put them in a bag and store it securely until it has been disinfected in the laundry.
- We wash all the textile material in the apartment, including bed sheets and towels at over 60°C.
- All the bathrooms in the apartments have a bin in the bathroom with a lid, double bag and non-manual opening.
- We have reduced the decoration objects and amenities to act according to the established contingency plan.
- We shall clean the filters of the air conditioners and the dryer after each departure.
- Our customers have hand disinfectant available to them at the entrance to the apartment in all GI referenced tourist apartments.
- We have created a protocol plan for all tourist buildings, so that the recommended preventive measures of distance and hygiene are followed.
- The apartments with COVID-19 customers follow stricter processes and we have teamed up with a company that specialises in disinfectant treatments to guarantee the safety of our customers and workers.

Also, we have applied these cleaning measures in our offices and our employees follow the hygiene protocols and preventive measures established by the World Health Organization.